The Science of Case Generation

Our proprietary machine learning algorithms generate a steady flow of new cases for your practice.

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The Science of Case Generation

Our proprietary machine learning algorithms generate a steady flow of new cases for your practice.

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Technology. Communication. Selectivity.

Lawfty is based upon the premise that rigorous statistical analysis, combined with constant experimentation from ad copy to algorithms to intake, makes us a leader in providing quality incoming cases to our partner firms at scale.


As our algorithms gather more historical data and analyze it for patterns, they only become smarter. Today, Lawfty is the only leader in advertising for personal injury lawyers that consistently achieves low cost per click bids around the nation.


Our world-class design and marketing team constantly tests and tweaks new landing page design and ad copy. Our obsession is focusing on what potential new clients want and need to see, so you can focus on helping your existing clients.


Our dedicated bilingual intake staff listens carefully to each potential client to make sure they meet our partner firms’ standards for signed cases. We follow up personally in case the client loses contact to make sure our partners help more people.

Lawfty's Case Generation Technology

Lawfty’s case generation technology empowers a select group of injury attorneys with a consistent flow of new cases from mobile and web. Our machine learning system spots patterns, and automatically targets the appropriate search phrases and times of day that lead to the most relevant inquiries. Our intake center manages communication, filtering out irrelevant or weak leads, identifying only the most appropriate clients in a region, at the time they are looking, 24/7, in English and Spanish.

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Lawfty is a Certified Google Partner

Lawfty is certified by Google as being well-versed in all features of AdWords and how to use them profitably on behalf of our partner firms. Working exclusively with Lawfty ensures that your Google PPC campaigns will take full advantage of all the settings and features available to them, and that your campaigns will run efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Mobile-Optimized Bilingual Advertising

Our marketing team runs advertising campaigns in English and Spanish (written and edited by native speakers). From ad copy to page design and more, our potential client experience is optimized for mobile, so you can reach injured people in need of help wherever they are.

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Dynamic Real-Time Bidding

Our algorithms are constantly monitoring your campaign’s performance, tweaking bids, and dynamically adjusting bids in real time to find the least expensive CPC possible. It’s like having a mathematical genius awake 24/7 doing nothing but taking care of your ad campaigns.

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World-Class Data Analysis

Our team of advanced Data Scientists thoroughly investigates demographic and historical data in your region, as well as trends for incoming cases from our existing partner firms, to find innovative ways to improve your advertising performance.

5 Reasons
To Partner with Lawfty


Dynamic, real-time algorithmic ad bidding is to personal injury law what programmatic trading was to the stock market. Our code thinks fast and is turned on 24/7, constantly driving your advertising costs down.


In an industry where one click can cost $40 or more, we’ve achieved record low costs per click while keeping our rate of response high. Your advertising dollars go farther with Lawfty.


We regularly review performance results with every partner firm and explain how each step of our case generation funnel is working for you.


We’re attorneys, too. That’s why we match your advertising spend dollar for dollar and only get paid when your Lawfty-generated cases settle. We want to build long-term partnerships by aligning our interests 100%.


If you meet all the qualifications for a Lawfty partnership, get ready for your pipeline of incoming cases to explode. We’re only looking for firms that can handle a large influx of signed cases.

What Our Clients Say

Lawfty Partner

“Lawfty is an innovator. Our affiliation with Lawfty has elevated our practice to heights never thought possible. Todd and Mike are titans to be in the world of legal advertising.”

Jason K

Lawfty Partner

“Lawfty has turned the acquisition of personal injury cases into a science. They are the first group we’ve worked with that can reliably predict how many cases we’ll get based on the ad dollars we spend. We plan on working with Lawfty for many years to come and enthusiastically support their innovative and data driven approach toward connecting us with our next client.”

Dave A

The people behind the technology

Todd Richheimer, Esq.CEO & Co-Founder

Mike Terry CTO & Co-Founder

Nathan Kwan Director of Engineering

Andrew Stein Chief Operating Officer

Elizabeth VetterSoftware Engineer

Brandon Herlihy Director of Business Development

Jake Pollard Data Scientist

Josh Panebianco Front-End Engineer

Phil Rotella Data Scientist

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